Our Streamlined Financial Reporting Valuation Services Ensures Accuracy and Audit-Readiness without Delays

Sound financial reporting compliance frees you to do what you do best.

Key stakeholders in your business often have the same question: Is your financial reporting where it needs to be? We can help.

Cut Through Red Tape and Complex Accounting Principles with Financial Reporting Expert Guides to Navigate to Clear, Compliant Results

Financial reporting compliance requirements are a fact of life. Yet most business owners didn’t set out to be bean counters. There’s an opportunity cost to spending energy on financial reporting. You lose precious time better spent winning customers, leading employees, and fine-tuning your operations.

A Sofer® Advisors financial reporting valuation is essential for compliance, including:

  • Stock-Based Compensation (ASC Topic 718 – Options, Warrants, SARs, Phantom Stock)
  • Portfolio Valuations (Private Equity and BDCs financial reporting requirements to mark to market)
  • Purchase Price Allocation (ASC Topic 805), Fair Value of Assets Acquired, and Liabilities Assumed— required for any purchase or sale in which there is a change of control – includes the fair value of contingent consideration and any rollover equity issued.
  • Impairment Testing, such as Goodwill (ASC Topic 350) and Other Intangible Assets and Long-Lived Assets (ASC Topic 360)
  • Valuation of Embedded Derivatives
  • SAFE Notes and Convertible Notes
  • Incremental Borrowing Rate (IBR) Analysis
Financial Reporting Company
Financial reporting

Financial Reporting Simplified

Successful business leaders devote their energies towards winning customers, not paperwork. Our financial reporting compliance experts give you time back.

  • Our business valuation services are built upon standards and practices fully compliant with U.S. GAAP, IFRS, and the SEC.
  • We coordinate with accounting firms and other financial professionals to ensure accuracy, collaboration, and shared knowledge.
  • We assist companies who could be labeled “unbankable” by having financials that are perceived as inaccurate, inconsistent, or opaque, transforming them into desirable clients for investors, regulators, financial institutions and other stakeholders.

With a strong valuation and compliant financial reporting, doorways to new opportunities open

& Acquisitions

Transparent Reporting of Intangible Assets or Testing for Impairment


Accurate stock compensation expense reporting for issuance of equity or equity-like items such as stock options, warrants, stock appreciation rights, profits interests a/k/a synthetic equity

Portfolio Valuation &
Fair Value Measurement

Handling all requirements efficiently to value diverse investment portfolios, including complex securities

Financial reporting can be a breeze—not a burden—with the right partner

Financial reporting

Getting in GAAP’s Good Graces — The Sofer® Way

A services firm owner found herself in an exciting position. After a long search, she found the perfect investor for her business—one that believed in her vision, had important industry contacts, and could provide the capital needed to reach the next level of success.
But the investor came with a catch—their firm insisted on upgraded financials following GAAP accounting standards.

Not wishing to lose this important opportunity, the owner hired a CPA to audit her books. The CPA identified multiple GAAP departures, including stock option issuances with an arbitrary strike price and a business purchase that was entirely booked to goodwill.

This is when the owner turned to Sofer® Advisors for help.

Our business valuation experts immediately developed solutions to the client’s financial reporting problems. Our valuation offered answers as to how to fix the stock option issues.

Based on the valuation, we then created an opening balance sheet with identified intangibles, including customer relationships, a viable trade name, and technology separate from goodwill. This gave the investor (and all future investors) a more accurate statement of the company’s financial position at the time of the change of control.

Our client moved forward with her financials now in full compliance with GAAP, resulting in a happy investor ready to fuel her growth.

Financial reporting and compliance needn’t distract you from higher value priorities for your time


What sets Sofer® Advisors apart for SMB Valuations?

Too many SMB owners forego formal or informal valuations because they assume valuation expertise is strictly for big businesses, they feel intimidated by the process, or have had bad experiences with valuation firms applying a generic cookie-cutter approach.

At Sofer® Advisors, we’re focused on providing expert valuation services for businesses of all sizes—with special expertise tailored to the unique needs of small-to-midsize businesses. Our team guides and educates SMB owners on how to leverage their valuation into actionable intelligence to improve their company and their bottom line.

We work with you every step of the way to ensure you understand the entire process and to maximize benefits received. Beyond providing valuation services, we offer comprehensive exit planning consulting and guidance to transform insights into action, driving strategic planning to grow your business.

Is Business Valuation a formal process?

Certified business valuations are a formal process examining every aspect of your company to assess its value. These provide credible, transparent results that lenders, investors, potential buyers, and other stakeholders can trust.

How do I get a Business Valuation?

To move forward with a formal or informal valuation, contact us for a free initial consultation. We’ll use this opportunity to assess your unique needs and goals of your valuation, analyze the size and complexity of your operations, determine which report types (certified or informal) are applicable, and determining the deadline timing in order to quote a fixed fee for our valuation services.

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