Conflicts End when Facts Come to the Table

Improve understanding and trust with our conflict resolution services.
Stakeholder disagreements can bring businesses to the brink of failure. An accurate company valuation helps everyone come together and see that there is an invisible bridge between them.

Conflicts Don’t Have to Threaten You or Your Company’s Future

Disputes drive wedges between business stakeholders, sowing discord. Restoring a shared company vision requires overcoming misunderstandings and misconceptions. Our objective valuation and insights into your operations can bring everyone onto the same page.

Our business valuation and conflict resolution services are vital in many situations:

  • Divorces— to value a company for marital dissolution and/or successful settlement
  • Shareholder conflicts— when exiting shareholders cannot agree and are undergoing business divorces
  • Expert witness testimony— where we can testify in deposition, mediation, arbitration, and/or courtroom trial settings
  • Eminent domain— especially when the government is not offering you your fair share for your company that was taken and shut down
  • Insurance claims— such as a business interruption
  • Other litigation or contractual disputes— especially when claims of lost profits are warranted
business conflict resolution services
business conflict resolution services

Conflict Resolution Services Streamlined

Business disputes are often the result of different understandings of where a business is today and where it’s headed tomorrow. Sofer Advisors can resolve such conflicts by presenting clear and factual data.

  • Our business valuation services offer impartial and defendable facts about the strengths and weaknesses of your business as well as the perceived value or lack thereof of certain roles
  • Insights delivered via a valuation can untangle conflicts over strategic planning and direction
  • If problems linger, knowing you have experienced courtroom-ready experts on your side offers added motivation to reach a fair and expeditious settlement.

Disputes between shareholders and partners needn’t trigger a meltdown. Cool things down with a company valuation.


Create mutual understandings with accurate data

Valuation Disputes

Determine every shareholder’s fair share


Develop the best plan for future successes

Business conflicts translate into lost time, lost productivity, lost profits, and lost quality of life. Fix the crisis before it becomes more serious.

The Divorce That Didn’t Spell Business Doom

A sheet metal company needed a business valuation in mere days instead of weeks or months. The owner was embroiled in a nasty divorce, and his previous counsel neglected to secure a valuation for the marital proceedings.

The owner’s problems only increased when the opposing lawyer assigned an absurdly high business valuation. Our team suspected this attorney couldn’t back up the numbers, but we didn’t have much time to prove it.
Still, we immediately jumped into the fray.

After an exhausting four-day grind, we not only completed our valuation, but founder/CEO David Hern was ready to appear in court to defend our accurate (and considerably lower) valuation. The ex-wife’s lawyer caved, knowing he couldn’t argue well against our credible, defensible, and sensible work, and the business was saved—even if the marriage wasn’t.

No matter what conflict your business faces, our talented team can help you successfully resolve it


Why must a third party perform Business Valuation?

By trusting a neutral, third-party firm to perform your valuation, you remove all questions of bias or subjectivity from the equation—which is helpful for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions and other use cases requiring an objective picture of your business’ value. Neutral, third-party insights are essential to mediating business disputes where neither party wants the person performing the valuation to have a thumb on the other side of the scale.

Is Business Valuation a formal process?

Certified Business Valuations are a formal process examining every aspect of your company to assess its value. These provide credible, transparent results that lenders, investors, potential buyers, and other stakeholders can trust.

How long does Business Valuation take?

A formal Business Valuation closely considers all the determinants of your company’s value. Every business is unique, and so is every valuation process.

On average, a formal valuation can take four to eight weeks, depending on company size, its complexity and how long it takes for you to provide background, documents, and other required information.

At the start of our process, we’ll provide a comprehensive list of the materials needed, working closely with you to deliver a timeline upfront.

If you require a valuation on a tight deadline (i.e., an upcoming merger or acquisition transaction, court proceeding, or a tax or audit deadline), we can expedite for a fee. Conversely, if you don’t mind slowing down the valuation process, it can reduce costs.

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