Specialists in neutral third-party valuations.

Sofer® Advisors was created in 2019, but our experience with valuation goes back over a decade. Our CEO, David Hern, has worked in the business valuation field at both boutique advisory firms and large international financial services companies.

While at these firms, David recognized the need for a boutique financial advisory firm in the Atlanta area to serve the business valuation needs of small- and medium-sized businesses.

These businesses have unique needs that require an advisor who can both empathize and have the agility ability to deliver prompt insights. Sofer® Advisors was formed to fill this void while providing high-quality business valuations to the lower- and middle-market.

Since its inception, Sofer® Advisors has quickly added associates to help with the growing business. Our firm specializes in providing a neutral third-party valuation of closely held businesses. The valuation and its insights will give the business owner the confidence they need when contemplating a material but uncertain financial decision.

After we determining a company’s value, we communicate that information to the relevant stakeholders, including company management, board of directors, shareholders, and financial or legal advisors.

This process involves more than just providing accurate numerical valuations. We put numbers into proper perspective, giving you key insights when making critical business decisions.

Our “Heart of a Teacher” approach is designed to help you understand the data we provide and how to use these insights to immediately benefit your organization.

Valuation services are applicable in many situations where business value may be uncertain and critical. These situations include litigation assistance, estate and gift tax planning, financial and tax reporting, and other contexts for public and private companies.