It All Comes Down to Your Business’ Value

Sofer Advisors’ business valuation services can inform your past and guide your future.

Empower Your Success

A well-executed valuation is critical to every company, promoting legal and regulatory compliance. But when you work with the Sofer Advisors team of experts, valuation takes on a new dimension. We enable you to make accurate financial decisions and craft long-term strategic plans to increase your value, build investor interest, and appeal to buyers.

The next chapter of your story starts now. Our business valuation services can help you write that first page.

Experience the Sofer® Advisors Difference

Navigating the landscape of business valuation requires more than just expertise—it demands a partner who understands your unique journey and is prepared to go the extra mile. Sofer Advisors’ expert team brings signature excellence to every client engagement. Team up with us to see the difference in action.

Empathy at Our Core

Compassion isn't some buzzword—it's the bedrock of our approach. We understand the intricacies of navigating relationships. As a family business, we walk the talk, ensuring our advice aligns with what we do for our own company.

Swift Client Response

Every day counts in this economy. That’s why we adopted a next-business-day response standard. We know the frustration you feel when you can’t reach an advisor when it counts. Our team is always responsive to calls, emails, and texts, as you are our first priority.

Adaptive Project Execution

Pivotal opportunities often don’t leave business owners enough time for a typical valuation. Other firms may walk away in such situations. Not us. We support you no matter your challenge. Sofer® Advisors champions an agile approach to meet even the tightest deadlines without compromising quality. Our commitment is unwavering: excellence on your schedule.

Precision in Valuation

Many standard valuation components apply to most, if not all, companies. Yet, every business possesses unique attributes defining its true value. We transcend standard valuations by delving deeply into nuanced details, setting you apart. Our extensive evaluations capture your distinct systems and processes, ensuring an accurate valuation.

Access to an Extensive Network

A Sofer® Advisors business valuation delivers answers but can create questions, too. You won’t be left wondering, though—our team possesses a treasure trove of proven subject matter experts to help you with any business challenge. Best of all? We open this vault for each and every client.

Precision in Business Valuation Services

At Sofer® Advisors, we specialize in meticulous business valuation services, crafting precise assessments tailored to the unique dynamics of each enterprise. Our expertise ensures accurate valuations that reflect the true worth and potential of your business.

Tax Planning and Reporting

Sofer® Advisors provides business valuation services focused on effective tax strategies and wealth preservation. Our precise valuations aim to reduce tax liabilities and withstand rigorous audits, safeguarding your business’s financial advantages. We also ensure your tax reporting adheres to current regulations, maintaining compliance while optimizing your fiscal position.

Stay on the right side of tax law while remaining competitive in your industry.

Transactional Advisory Services

Half of all business owners operate without an accurate idea of their actual value—making it hard to confidently strategize or act. A comprehensive valuation provides critical information if you’re considering selling your business, buying a company, or merging.

Sell your business with confidence based on sound valuation techniques.

Conflict Resolution

Squabbles over business direction, succession, and long-term strategies threaten your company. Our business valuation services help you smoothly resolve stakeholder conflicts with a neutral third-party valuation and analytical support.

Build trust and consensus with an accurate and defendable valuation.

Financial Reporting

We provide financial reporting expertise so you can focus on the true challenges of running your business while our experts help you confidently maintain compliance. Our thorough independent valuations, based on critical SEC, GAAP, and IFRS standards, will stand up to any attestation review.

Save money and time and handle your business’s financial reporting obligations efficiently.

Corporate Financing

When applying for an SBA loan or engaging in equity percentage evaluations for corporate dealings, the importance of a well-founded business valuation cannot be overstated. We provide valuation services that articulate your business's financial standing and potential while accurately assess your company's value in percentage terms.

A robust valuation from us enhances your credibility, effectively showcasing your company's growth capacity and readiness for investment.

Immigration Assistance

A comprehensive business valuation from Sofer® Advisors can be critical to immigration success, providing evidence of substantial investment and a viable business operation. Our valuations meet the rigorous demands of immigration authorities, underscoring your business's financial health and potential for job creation.

An authoritative financial assessment can prove indispensable in bolstering the economic merit of your immigration application.

Sofer® Advisors is more than just a valuation firm—we’re your partners in writing your business’s story.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a business valuation, and why is it important for small businesses?

A business valuation is an assessment of a company’s financial worth. Many small to mid-sized business (SMB) owners may think they are too small to need or afford valuation services, but valuation specialists provide valuable services to help SMBs plan long-term strategies, secure finances, handle mergers and acquisitions, and maintain legal compliance.

What is the difference between an “Opinion of Value” and a “Calculation of Value?”

There are two main categories of company valuation—an Opinion of Value and a Calculation of Value.

An Opinion of Value provides a comprehensive and detailed valuation, often for legal or compliance purposes. A Calculation of Value is less in-depth, quicker, and less expensive, making it more useful for strategic planning and amicable transactions.

How will a professional valuation benefit my small business?

A professional valuation by Sofer Advisors will provide tailored insights into your business’s worth and educate you on how best to use your newfound insights to make informed decisions, attract investors, secure financing, and plan for the future.

How long does a valuation take for a business?

At Sofer® Advisors, your deadline is our commitment. Regardless of the challenge you face, we tailor our process to meet the timeframe you set. While we typically allocate four to eight weeks for valuations of small to mid-sized businesses, we understand the need for flexibility. We can adjust accordingly if you require an expedited valuation, though this may impact the fee structure.

Will the valuation results be accepted by lenders or potential buyers?

Sofer Advisors focuses on thorough, transparent valuations with clear and acceptable results. Professionally conducted company valuations provide credibility and transparency to lenders, investors, and potential buyers alike, enhancing trust and confidence in their transactions with your business.

How often should we consider getting a valuation for our business?

The best way to conduct valuations is annually so you can accurately chart the changing financial circumstances of your business. In particular, you should make sure to conduct a business valuation ahead of sales, mergers, acquisitions, or strategic planning.

What are some common scenarios in which businesses require valuation services?

SMBs need valuation services to provide an accurate financial view of their company’s worth ahead of a wide range of events and processes, such as seeking financing, estate and business succession planning, partnership buyouts, divorce settlements, and exit planning.

What geographic areas do you serve, and can you conduct remote valuations?

While Sofer® Advisors is based in the Atlanta area, we serve businesses of all sizes throughout the United States with a team of remote valuation professionals.

What sets your business valuation services for SMBs apart from competitors?

Sofer Advisors brings a neutral perspective and comprehensive valuation services tailor-made to address SMBs, who have unique needs compared to the large businesses and enterprise-level organizations many valuation experts cater to.

Our goal is not only to provide valuation to small business owners but to educate and empower small businesses to use our clear and unbiased insights for better strategic planning. To that end, we provide comprehensive consulting and guidance to ensure that you understand in plain English what your valuation means for your business’s future.