Determining if a Transaction is Right for You

Any ownership change—from selling your business to buying into a partnership—requires an accurate valuation, ensuring a fair price. Our transaction advisory services determine a company’s value before you buy or sell.

Does Your Offer Seem Like the Deal of Century? We Can Ensure It Really Is

Our transaction advisory services take the mystery out of major transactions. From buying or selling a business to a change in partners, Sofer® Advisors’ valuation consultants specialize in M&A consulting to reveal not only a company’s true value, but also steps to improve future business valuations.

A valuation is instrumental in many situations:

  • Transactions where the board of directors or partners require a fairness opinion or solvency opinion
  • M&A analysis and due diligence support to determine and evaluate what to offer for a business or the reasonableness of an offer
  • Exit planning and succession planning to transition the business with the greatest probability it will occur at the highest possible valuation with the best possible terms
  • Buy-sell agreements to discern a fair market value consistent with an agreement trigger or the initial funding through proper insurance coverage amount
  • Partner buy-in or partner buyout to gauge a fair price for a retiring partner or a new addition
  • ESOP owned companies whereby an annual valuation is needed to setup the employee stock ownership plan or the annual valuation needed for ongoing maintenance under the Department of Labor (DOL) standards
Strategic planning
Consulting services

Transactional Advisory Services Put You in the Driver’s Seat

If you’re buying or selling a business, time will always tell if the price was fair. But it isn’t just a matter of time—it’s about determining what the market is willing to pay for what you’ve built. Let Sofer® Advisors answer that question before you sign any deal.

  • Our business valuation services determine the true value of a business— whichever side of the transaction you’re on
  • M&A consulting helps you decide if a business combination is destined for success
  • Strategic planning can create new and even greater future opportunities, and an annual valuation can measure the success of your plans.

Change comes whether you’re ready for it or not. The time to plan is now.


Determine if an offer is fair to you

Exit Planning
Consulting Services

Understanding ownership changes, what factors limit and/or amplify value


The due diligence and advice you need to succeed in a buy-low sell-high environment

Transactions take many forms, but the importance of proper due diligence remains the same

Powersports business

An Unsolicited Offer Opens an Owner’s Eyes

A powersports dealership owner came to Sofer® Advisors troubled by a recent unsolicited offer to buy his business. Although offers can be flattering, this one wasn’t. The number was far lower than he expected. He wondered if the offer was a lowball or if his business was far less valuable than he once believed.

Our valuation experts performed a thorough business analysis, including a detailed study of every aspect. After completing our research, we presented our findings. The offer was low, but not as far from the mark as he expected.

Although it wasn’t the answer the owner wanted, he took the insights to heart. He engaged Sofer® Advisors to create a strategic roadmap with the goal of increasing his business’ value over the next five years.

Buying or selling a business? The power to make a fair deal is in your hands.


What are the benefits of a professional Business Valuation?

Formal and even informal assessments help you know the state of your company and whether you’re on track for where you want it to go. Benefits include: more accurate financial decisions and insightful strategic planning, better risk management, improved financial opportunities, and bolstered competitive advantages.

What sets Sofer® Advisors apart for SMB Valuations?

Too many SMB owners forego formal or informal valuations because they assume valuation expertise is strictly for big business, they feel intimidated by the process, or have had bad experiences with valuation firms applying a generic cookie-cutter approach . Complicating matters, many firms sentence clients to “death by vernacular” by filling their reports with accounting jargon that won’t move your business forward.

At Sofer® Advisors, we’re focused on providing expert valuation services for businesses of all sizes—with special expertise tailored to the unique needs of small-to-midsize businesses. Our team guides and educates SMB owners on how to leverage their valuation into actionable intelligence, improving their company and their bottom line. This especially applies to family businesses. We’re one too!

We work with you every step of the way to ensure you understand the entire process and to maximize benefits received. Beyond providing valuation services, we offer comprehensive consulting and guidance to transform insights into action, driving strategic planning to grow your business.

Is Business Valuation a formal process?

Certified Business Valuations are a formal process examining every aspect of your company to assess your business’ value.

They provide defensible, credible, and sensible results that lenders, investors, potential buyers, and other stakeholders can trust.

However, there are informal report options that have fewer formal processes in order to maximize accuracy for a given budget.

Why must a third party perform Business Valuation?

Business Valuation shouldn’t be done in-house. A third party removes bias from the equation. This is helpful for strategic planning, mergers and acquisitions, and other use cases demanding an objective picture of your value. Such neutral insight is especially ideal for mediating business disputes and other situations where parties are on opposite sides of the value spectrum (low vs high).

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