What Is Business Valuation And Why Are Business Valuation Services Needed?

Business Valuation services involve a neutral third-party (valuation analyst) who assesses your business to determine its value. There are many reasons a business owner may need a valuation, but the majority of cases it falls into three categories: compliance such as financial reporting or tax compliance, amicable transactions including a merger or sale of their business, an ownership transition, buy-sell trigger, etc., and finally conflict resolution (marital and business divorce, shareholder dispute). With the information we provide, management will gain a clear understanding of the true dollar value associated with their business along with the confidence required to make critical business decisions. In addition, we work together with business owners to develop strategies that will amplify their valuation.

Business valuation is a formal process. For certified valuations, there are two general levels of service that we provide: An Opinion Of Value delivers the most thorough determination of your Company’s value and is typically used for accounting and tax compliance, or legal purposes; A Calculation Of Value also provides you with a determination of your Company’s value, but does not include the level of narrative report detail required for accounting, tax and legal purposes. As a CV can be completed faster and is less costly, it is generally preferable for valuations triggered by strategic planning, evaluating merger and acquisition offers, amicable partner buy-ins or buy-outs, and mediation assistance for disputes among others.

However, if a certified appraisal and formal valuation process is outside of your needs, do not fret as you have options for an informal analysis that can be budget friendly.