How and Why You Can Test the Waters with an Oral Valuation Report

Back in the day, teachers would ask a question that could send shivers down your spine: “Would you rather do an oral or a written report?” Either way, us students knew both options involved a lot of work. Flash forward to the present and an interesting query emerges: How might you answer such a question [...]

What Parent Thinks Their Baby is Ugly? Valuation’s Importance in M&A Work

You can’t open a copy of the Wall Street Journal (or any other business publication) without being greeted with plenty of news about Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). Reporting on the latest deals and exploring how well (or how poorly) mergers have worked out are the bread and butter of every business reporter. But while [...]

How to Get the Bank Valuation Your Business Deserves

Certain business relationships are prime examples of being between a rock and a hard place. Operating in the nexus between business valuation and bank loans offers a perfect example. When the business valuation experts at my organization Sofer Advisors and I are working with clients and banks, concern emanates from each side. Banks worry [...]

From a Scoreboard Engagement to a Road Map for Success

A business owner we’ll call Bill had the perfect recipe for success. Bill owns a powersports dealership located near Naples, Florida, a Mecca for people interested in playing with powerful machines in beautiful surroundings. Whether his customers wished to ride the waves on a Jet ski or explore trails using an ATV, Bill was the [...]

The Most Unloved P&L Expense Line — Rent

As is the experience of many valuation analysts, clients are typically unfamiliar with the language and mechanics of corporate finance as it relates to business valuation or business brokerage.  For these equity owners, it is best to define valuation as a simple algebraic expression that they can easily digest. Market Value = Multiple x Financial [...]

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