The Information You Need For Your Next Big Step

Transactional advisory services from Sofer™ Advisors are tailored to ensure you get the financial information necessary to make the right decision for your business.

Research indicates as many as half of all businesses may not have an accurate idea of their actual worth. Business owners often have an acceptable price in mind for the sale of their business, but that number is not always a realistic figure based on sound valuation techniques.

Our services help guide you through your transaction, whatever the situation, to achieve optimal results for your business:

  • Fairness/Solvency Opinions, for Board of Directors to partner with a valuation firm in making an important transaction decision.

  • M&A Analysis/Due Diligence Support, to determine what to offer for a business or whether a received offer is fair.

  • Exit/Succession Planning, to determine a benchmark from which to begin exit or succession planning, and to evaluate offers received through a formal process.

  • Buy-Sell Agreements, to determine fair market value consistent with the trigger from the agreement.

  • Partner Buy-In/Buy-Out, to determine a fair price for a retiring partner or an incoming owner in a buy-in situation.

We have experience with companies of all sizes in a spectrum of industries, and we can offer expertise for litigation support, accounting and tax compliance, mergers & acquisitions, transfers, and strategic planning.