conflict resolution

Critical Information To Resolve Conflicts

One key service area for our firm is providing private company valuation and analytical support when there is a disagreement or conflict potentially causing an organization to change or dissolve, such as:

  • Divorce Valuations. Valuing a company for purposes of a marital dissolution and successful settlement.

  • Shareholder Conflicts. Valuing a company when an exiting shareholder and the Company cannot agree on the value of the shareholder’s interest.

  • Expert Witness Testimony. In cases involving litigation, we will testify in mediation, arbitration, or courtroom settings regarding our valuation of your business.

  • Insurance Claims. If a business interruption claim is made, disagreements over value of that claim can require a formal valuation.

  • Other Litigation or Contractual Disputes. In the case of economic damages or lost profits, a formal valuation can determine the true loss to your business.

Disputes are often complex and demand multiple disciplines to provide the clarity and certainty needed for a court of law. We have the specialized experience that gives you the confidence required for successful conflict resolution. We will work with you through all aspects of dispute resolution or litigation, including discovery, preparation, and arbitration, mediation, and trial.