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If Your Path to Success Has You Borderline Insane, You’re on the Right Path


Six weeks ago, I was inspired by Chris Sacca who wrote what could have been an autobiographical account of my journey into entrepreneurship. Significant portions of this post are attributable to his words, but I have customized them for my experience into entrepreneurship. I have been working on a remote, fully distributed, basis since leaving [...]

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An Unexpected Symptom of COVID-19 – Impairment Expense


If you haven’t heard of COVID-19 or Coronavirus (or as my 6 year old refers to it, the ball with red broccoli on it), then you’ve been living under a rock. However, regardless of your quarantine efforts, your business is experiencing a severe coronavirus symptom that could have a major impact on your 2020 financials [...]

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An Unintended Consequence of PPP – The Sequel


The Paycheck Protection Program ("PPP") Round 2 stands to be approved Thursday after the House pass and President signs. It is interesting in that it added an additional $321.3 billion to the pot AND authorization for an additional $310 billion.  Supposedly this is to be allocated $250 billion to all institutions and $60 billion to [...]

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Grow My GA Business Program


When you listen to the audio clip at the top of this post, you’ll hear what listeners to the radio station, Q99-7, heard every hour on the hour on Saturday, June 6th. We gained this exposure through Cumulus Atlanta’s Grow My GA Business program.   Cumulus Media is an audio-based media and entertainment [...]

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Business Valuation Insights


Wondering about how much your business is worth? David Hern, Founder of Sofer™ Advisors, LLC sat down for a radio interview with The Business Hour. Mr. Hern business valuation expert talked extensively about the importance of determining financial value when it comes to buying or selling a business as well as other events requiring a [...]

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