Get a clear, objective, unbiased view of your company’s financial worth with business valuation services tailored to reflect the realities of businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Whether you’ve been approached by an offer to sell your business, an opportunity for a merger or acquisition has come up, you’re considering your first acquisition, you’re developing a business succession plan, or you need to settle a conflict between shareholders, you need all sides to operate on the same set of facts—down to the dollar, what is your business really worth?

Our business valuation services provide an objective, third-party assessment of the financial value of your business.

Why Your Business Needs a Third-Party Valuation

From small to midsize to large businesses, evaluating the financial worth of your business isn’t easy. Owners and other stakeholders are often too close to the company to remain objective, overvaluing or undervaluing certain assets due to personal sentiments and other biases. Our business valuation services offer an unbiased, objective, and neutral look at every facet of your business’s worth to determine its financial valuation.

Strategic Financial Direction

Third-party evaluations enable accurate reporting, efficient tax compliance, and seamless ownership transitions.

Business Clarity

Gain insight into your business dynamics to better understand how to amplify your offerings and advantages.

Conflict & Growth Solutions

Tackle disputes effectively, secure capital, and initiate impactful employee stock options.

Profound industry knowledge and years of hands-on expertise enable our team to deliver unparalleled valuation insights.

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What Sets Our Business Valuation Services Apart

At Sofer® Advisors, we combine deep expertise with genuine empathy to capture your business’s unique story. With an agile team, adaptable methodologies, and an expansive network, we provide valuations that go beyond mere numbers.

Empathy at Our Core

We not only understand the intricate dynamics of family and non-family business relationships but also live by our advice. As a family business, we approach every interaction with genuine empathy and authenticity that sets us apart in our client approach.

Promptness You Can Count On

We pledge to respond to all client communications by the next business day. This commitment ensures we’re available to meet your needs so you always feel supported and heard.

Agility in Action

We’re attuned to the urgency of tight deadlines and are dedicated to adhering to your schedule. Our team is adept at delivering expert valuations swiftly, ensuring your needs are met without compromise.

Expansive Network Access

Our clients benefit from our diverse network of industry specialists, enhancing our ability to cater to their varied needs. This extensive connection ensures we not only deliver timely results but also provide insights tailored to every business challenge.

Valuation Beyond the Basics

Our approach delves deeper than conventional methods, uncovering the unique value drivers in your business. We identify your business’s distinct strengths while offering tailored strategies designed to increase its worth to provide a more accurate and insightful valuation.

Our Comprehensive Company Valuation Services

Tax Planning and Reporting

Get an IRS qualified business appraisal that keeps you on the right side of local, state, and federal tax laws while remaining competitive.

  • Stock-Based Compensation
  • Estate & Gift Tax Planning
  • Cost Basis Establishment upon Death
  • Built-in Gain Analysis/Entity
  • Conversion
  • Charitable Contribution Planning

Transactional Advisory

Sell your business or go through with a merger or acquisition with total confidence in your business’s financial worth.

  • Fairness / Solvency Opinions
  • Partner Buy-in / Buy-Out
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Exit/Succession Planning
  • M&A Analysis/Due Diligence

Business Conflict Resolution

  • Divorce Valuations
  • Shareholder Conflicts
  • Insurance Claims
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Other Litigation Disputes
  • Financial Reporting for Compliance

    Focus on the true challenges of running your business while we help you maintain compliance with your financial reporting obligations.

    • Purchase Price Allocation
    • Impairment Testing
    • Portfolio Valuations
    • Stock-Based Compensation
    • Valuation of Embedded Derivatives

    See What Our Satisfied Clients Are Saying

    David and his team had the industry quals we were looking for in order to perform our stock compensation expense valuation for our year-end audit. The audit review of his work went extremely well and was a smooth process. I would recommend Sofer® Advisors for any of your valuation needs – high quality of work and great customer service!

    BRUCE MATTOX, Priority Payment Systems

    Sofer® Advisors did our business valuation, and I was super content with their work! David specifically helped me from beginning to end. The documents needed were simplified, the professionalism was great, and I was happy to find someone locally to gear their attention to my valuation. I recommend them 100% for any valuation! Thanks a lot, Sofer® Advisors and David.

    RANDY NASH, ProChem, Inc.

    As a CPA myself, I am familiar with the price and quality of these types of services. Sofer® Advisors was moderately priced when compared to top-tier national firms with absolutely no drop off in service. David and his team were lights out in all respects.


    Our Proven Business Valuation Process


    We learn about you, you learn about us, and we help you collect the documentation we need for our appraisal.


    Our experts spread and analyze financials and run comps and benchmarks with your peers.


    We take a complete view of all risk areas of your businesses, including key people, customers, and vendors.

    Review & Service

    We educate you on the results of our analysis, review key assumptions, and provide the insights you need.

    Get in touch with our business valuation advisors today to find out the true worth of your business.

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